Response to U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning same gender marriage — Respect, But Not Accept

Response to U.S. Supreme Court decision concerning same gender marriage — Respect, But Not Accept

By Nancy Dobson, PO Box 71132, Bethesda, Md 20813

Yes, we should respect all people.  But we should not accept all types of behavior.  It is not an act of love to encourage anyone to behave in a way that damages their own soul and that encourages the young or vulnerable to experiment with behavior that will damage their souls.  All forms of selfish sexual behavior create imbalances in individuals and in society.  So it is appropriate to set civil laws to limit sexual behavior.  Civil laws in America have traditionally been based on the laws God has given us.

God has given us laws and told us to follow them.  To act against God’s laws for sexual self-discipline destabilizes society.  God said sexual immorality causes the country to vomit out its inhabitants.  (LV 18)  Those who refuse to follow the rules, God says, should be separated from society.  (NU 15:30-31)

Sometimes a blind person has someone with them holding their elbow to lead them.  They have to trust that person and give up some of their willfulness to allow themselves to be led.  We should all recognize that we are spiritually blind, but God is as close as our elbow and always desirous of leading us the right way.  We have to trust God and give up some of our willfulness to allow ourselves to be led safely through this life so we arrive at God’s wondrous place on the other side of this life.

Christ has proved we are accountable after death for our every word and act on this side of life.  Jesus proved that life continues after material death.  He appeared — then disappeared — to the two in Emmaus.  He appeared — then disappeared twice — to his disciples in a closed door room, and ate fish and honey to prove he wasn’t a ghost.  (Luke 24:31-43; John 20:19-29)  He ascended in front of a group of his followers.  (Acts 1:1-11; 1 Corinthians 9:1-8)  Proving that life continues after physical death, and teaching that where we will be in that next life depends on what we say and do in this life, was the world rocking message that sealed an important Hebrew teaching and began the Christian era.

Most Americans live by those principles.  Law makers have caved in to the manipulations of a popular media that is anti-God, anti-Christ and anti-American.  The highest court is supposed to be a holy place where God’s rules are enforced.  When the court rules against God’s Law it is because what is abominable has been set up in this holy place.

The justices to the U.S. Supreme Court are hand-picked by the President and recommended by business leaders who control mass media and can threaten damaging media coverage.  There are three overt Jewish justices and six “Christian” justices on the U.S. Supreme Court.  This is out of balance to the percentage of those who admit to being Jewish in our country.  All of the Jewish justices voted in favor of same gender marriage. In order to have justices who represent what citizens deem most  important, they should be elected by citizens (not using computer voting) for a set amount of time (though re-electable) and impeachable by referendum vote.  To make this possible in the United States would merely require a Constitutional Amendment ratified by the states.  Because of many injustices and cultural shifts away from morality perpetrated by the U.S. Supreme Court, citizens should demand this change.

When a government forces immorality on its people it loses the respect and willing support of its citizens, without which it cannot function optimally.  Those who want America to be successful work to identify and correct the moral errors of its government.

Why just lament what an immoral court has tried to force on the nation?  We have the power to change the Constitution and allow citizens to elect Supreme Court justices.  All it takes is an amendment to the Constitution ratified by the states and we can save America from countless judgments biased in favor of international businesses, assaults on nature and contempt for God’s Law.



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