Cancer Information Sheet — FYI

CANCER INFORMATION SHEET What?  You don’t have cancer?  Well, if you know someone who does, perhaps you could pass this information along to them.  With all best regards, ND

Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, a world renowned medical doctor, has been a foremost cancer researcher for over 40 years.  He created a method of treatment that has been successful for many patients whose previous doctors told them they were terminal.  His website says that, “Over 50 different types of malignancies are treated with cutting-edge technology and FDA approved gene-targeted medicines.” And that, “Groundbreaking, non-surgical, non or low-toxic cancer treatment regimens, some available within clinical trials.”  Check out his credentials and clinic information at 1-800-714-7181 or   His cured patients also have a web site.

Fortune magazine reported in 6/30/14, “In 2012 a study published in The Lancet Oncology  showed the vast promise of high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) for the treatment of prostate cancer.  …Of the 40 men who underwent treatment with HIFU…90% could still get erect, and none became incontinent.  Better still, a year later 90% showed no cancer.  Another exciting avenue is brain surgery.  With HIFU it can be performed on patients while they are wide awake, without an incision or recovery time.”

Natural cures that have been studied recently include:  Brassica vegetables (read cabbage, kale, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, horseradish, Bok Choy, etc.)  A number of studies over the past ten years have shown that eating one or two servings a day of brassica vegetables is linked to remission in a wide variety of cancers.   At Frank M. Painter, D.C. reports:  “A protective effect of brassicas against cancer may be plausible due to their relatively high content of anti-carcinogenic properties.  The results of six cohort studies and 74 case-control studies on the association between brassica consumption and cancer risk are summarized.  …Of the case-control studies 64% showed an inverse association between consumption of one or more brassica vegetables and risk of cancer at various sites.”

Lemon grass as a tea and essential oil was studied in Israel in 2006 and has been shown to contain elements that kill cancer cells but leave healthy cells alone.  In a study called “Anticancer activity of an essential oil from Cymbopogon flexuosus” it was reported, “One of the features of cancer cells is the upset of natural cell death.  Lemongrass appears to be effective as a form of chemotherapy, causing cell death to occur as it should.  Our results indicate that the oil has a promising anticancer activity and causes loss in tumor cell viability by activating the apoptotic process.”  This is a naturally sweet tea.  It can be found at Latin (Mexican) food stores and some health food stores, and can be ordered over the Internet.

Black tea – as easy as this sounds – has been shown in “numerous” studies to be a protective against cancer, and it reduces tumors.  Dr. Kuang Yu Chen of Rutgers University reported that “Black tea’s ‘secret weapon’ may be a compound called theaflavin-3-monogalate (TF-2) one of a family of potent anti-cancer compounds called polyphenols.”  TF-2 leaves normal cells unharmed while it causes cancer cells to “commit suicide” in droves.  It also “appears to suppress the activity of the Cox 2 gene,” which is related to colon cancer.  Black tea is an old folk remedy which now has scientific backing.

The Bible based Omer diet, though not a subject of cancer studies, may also be of benefit.  It is a 49 day diet of no grain, grass or dairy foods.  Fresh, dried and canned fruits and vegetables, beans, nuts, seeds, garlic, onion, salt and clean drinking water make up this cleansing and revitalizing diet.

Besides treating cancers, several studies indicate how to make it less likely that you develop cancer.  Plastic food containers, for instance, have been linked to cancers.  When you finish food packaged in glass jars, why not clean the jars and reuse them to save leftovers or dry food in the cupboard?  Canning jars are also good for saving cupboard foods.

The Bible says to never eat blood or meat fat.  Meat fat (read hamburger and poultry skins) has been linked to heart disease and cancer too.  Pork, another food forbidden in the Bible, is a type of meat that has fat within the meat instead of at the edges. There is no way to cut the fat out of pork.  This may be one of the reasons why it is forbidden.

Some believe that computers, cell phones, wireless devices etc. cause various health problems and that laptop computers may cause problems in reproductive organs.  A folk remedy that may be beneficial is ginseng, which is said to clear and cleanse the body.

Researchers in Norway (Feb. 2010 Occupational and Environmental Medicine, author Ann Kristin Sjaastad) concluded that cooking on a gas stove without ventilation exposes one to carcinogens.  The highest levels of all compounds, including ultrafine particles that more easily penetrate the lungs, were produced while frying with gas.  The researchers noted that cooking fumes contain various other harmful components for which there is as yet no clear safety threshold and that gas cooking seems to increase exposure to these components.  In addition, the International Agency for Research on Cancer has classified cooking fumes from frying at high temperatures as “probably carcinogenic.”  In a Lawrence Berkeley California lab study researchers found that households using gas burners are exposed to high levels of nitrogen dioxide, 9 percent carbon monoxide and 53 percent formaldehyde gases, pollutant levels which would be illegal in California if they were outdoors.  A range hood (if it is used and cleaned regularly) reduces the pollution somewhat.

Tests that show that genetically modified foods are linked to kidney and liver damage are disputed by some pharmaceutical companies.  However, there is another health concern you might want to consider.  In order to successfully transfer a foreign gene into a plant, biologists also transfer a marker gene that is resistant to antibiotics.  The gene that causes antibiotic resistance in plants is passed on to the animals that eat those plants – as well as to the humans who eat what the animals produce, such as dairy products and eggs as well as meat.  This antibiotic resistant gene also makes humans more resistant to antibiotics.  As a result, doctors have noticed that heavier doses of antibiotics are becoming necessary to treat some viruses.   When planting a garden you might want to choose heritage seeds rather than any seed that has a patent.  When shopping, organic and GMO-Free foods might be a safer choice.

Regular exercise gets the blood moving, which can help clean out toxins from the body.  There are many ways to exercise.  Ten or fifteen minutes a day of exercise could make you feel better (as soon as the initial muscle stiffness wears off) even if you don’t have cancer.

Here’s wishing you great health!  PLEASE COPY AND SHARE THESE PAGES.  THNAKS  

(PS:  More health tips are in The Torah Conscious Christian’s GUIDE TO HOLY DAYS, in print it can be ordered from Amazon or through your local bookstore.)


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